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We all as men struggle to win in this emotional world. Very few of us had the models or teachers that imparted the tools we need to succeed connecting to others. Sure, we have friends and good or maybe not so good relationships. Yet, how many of us can claim we excel in emotional or relationship arenas? How many of us can are as confident with our emotional skills as we are with our favorite sport or hobby?

In this course, we will begin to fill in the blanks. We will explore how to develop your Masculine Emotional Intelligence as if you were perfecting your three-pointers.

Not only can you learn this… it can actually be fun.

New and Improved

After a successful pilot course, we are designing the full course. Please fill out the Email List signup form to learn more about the new course.

Watch a couple men share their experience of the Emotional Superman Course

For more videos and some written quotes of men talking about the course go here.

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