Emotional Superman Course

Turning Your Emotions into Your Allies

“Before joining the Emotional Superman course, I struggled with connecting emotionally with others. I was stuck in a pattern of seeking validation from people who were also emotionally disconnected. As the course progressed, I was able to allow myself to feel the emotion in my body. It was amazing to have that emotional connection between what I was feeling and my body. I also came to realize what I was seeking in romantic relationships. Once I became aware of this, I have become disinterested in the women I use to be attracted to. Although this emotion and connection still brings up a lot of fear for me, this course has helped me become more aware of my body and emotions.”

Business owner

What do your emotions do for you?

When you wake up every day are you satisfied with the life you created? Are you truly fulfilled by your relationship and your work? Do you feel like you successfully connect to others? Are you able to tap into your emotions?

If you answered no to any of those questions than you are not living your life to its full potential. The good news is, it is not too late to do something about it.

You may have once had a passion and desire for adventure, and the drive and focus to try new things. When your relationship began, you had a vision of what it could be. You used to have close friends that you could open up to about who you wanted to be. You saw yourself making a contribution.

Owen validates my emotions and gives me a map that shows me how to be with myself in a way where I discover my freedom to be the man I want to be. He can show me the way because he has made the journey himself.

Owen teaches me ways to let my weaknesses become my strengths. Where my liabilities are suddenly my assets. Using these portals, I have grown a bigger me. No longer do I hide from myself or others.

Michael Welp, PhD Business Owner, Author

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Have your emotions be your Super Powers.

Over time, the malaise of being a man has set in. You’re not where you thought you would be with your relationships or your partner. You feel as if you are treading water. You see yourself failing as a man and drowning in unmet goals. All those toys you have or want to have don’t do it for you any longer. Deeper down, if you are truly honest with yourself, you admit to feeling shame and feeling judged by others.

You hold out hope that there is more. You are willing to do the work if someone would show you the work to do that will get you what you want. No one up to now has shown you anything that delivers a better outcome. You start wondering if there is something wrong with you.

You don’t see yourself as a victim. You want a life that you drive.

Take a deep breath. Rest assured that you are not alone. Do not accept the way things are. Now is the time to make a change and reclaim the excitement that still lies within you. Join others on the quest for emotional connection and fulfillment. You won’t regret it.

But first, let’s take a closer look at where this is all coming from.

You Are Not the Problem

It’s not you. It’s the model you, and every man, were given to be a man in an emotional world.

You want to feel, and be seen as successful with:
  • Women
  • Work
  • Life
  • Your contribution
  • Being a man

Working hard without results is at best frustrating.

What Hasn’t Worked

Maybe you have tried some of these approaches to getting what you want:
  • Talking to friends
  • Trying to do what women say need to be done
  • Therapy
  • Reading books
  • Workshops
  • Praying

If you are like most of us, these approaches didn’t give you what you needed. They can’t. They start with the wrong model of what it is to be a man emotionally.

Ever since men left the tribe, and certainly since men were working in the factories of the industrial revolution, men weren’t around to train boys how to be an emotionally successful man. As much as women love us and want us to get this emotional thing, they can’t teach us all we need to learn.

Most men are missing the masculine way to be vulnerable, assertive and emotionally expressive. We don’t know how to use emotions as a source of connection and power.

The five MQ (Masculine Quotient) skills you need to succeed are best taught by other men. These skills lie dormant in your genome. You just need the right setting for your instinctual emotional abilities to flourish.

Mark McLaughlin

I struggled with accepting my emotions. What I learned was that my emotions weren't the problem, they were the solution. I have changed the way that I relate to my emotions. Instead of them being a thorn in my side, they are guides on my journey to be an authentic male. These days, I am paying more attention to my emotional experiences and getting curious about what they are telling me. I feel less ashamed, and am sharing more of myself with others. I'll always be grateful Owen.

A Proven Solution

You will never get to a new place using an old map.

Based on the study of the physiology of the body, the psychology of a man’s mind, how the connection works, and anthropology of our development as men; we created the Emotional Superman Course.

From 20+ years of developing, testing, and refining our method of working with men, we see men pick back up that hope they once had of a good life. As a man works the system used in the Emotional Superman Course, their relationships and professional life can exceed their original vision and they are able to find the pieces they were missing.

Ben Redmond School Counselor

Participating in Owen Marcus' Emotional Superman Course provided me with the structure and support to continue to push on to work on achieving my goals. While I have not achieved these goals, I have learned to be kinder and gentler with myself, to connect with my body and how it is feeling, and to connect and improve my relationship with my wife even as she pushed through struggles of her own.

The Process

It is actually quite simple. The problem is, as men, we believe our emotions are our enemies. Once you start using your emotions as your allies, all those undeveloped aspirations start manifesting themselves. And once you can use your emotions as the conduit of connection, you will experience how simple it really is.

Much of the psychological theories that are thrown at us explaining how we are the problem is BS. Sure, as men we’ve been behind the emotional connection curve. That’s only because we were never given all we needed.

You can hire the best cabinet maker to build you a chest of draws. If he doesn’t have his tools, he will not be able to build you that amazing piece of furniture you want. How can you expect to build that amazing relationship you and your partner want without the right tools?

It took me many decades to realize that as men we were using the wrong model. Using the innate model of Masculine Emotional Intelligence, we teach men the essentials for them to find success in themselves and their relationships.

Over the years we exacted out what it is for a man today to thrive emotionally. Through this journey, we’ve produced a successful book, had a documentary movie made about us, gave a TEDx talk, created a nonprofit to support men creating their own free men’s group, and spent thousands of hours working with men individually and in groups.

Invest in Yourself

What is more important than your happiness, relationships, and contributions?

From my extensive work with men I know that we rarely do something for ourselves until it’s a crisis. Until the pain is greater than the fear, we often don’t get off our asses. We are left with the collective belief that investing in our betterment is not worthwhile.

I get it. With what’s traditionally available, that strategy may be appropriate. But with our new model of Masculine Emotional Intelligence, the rules of the game have changed.

It often takes a man’s friends, kids, or partner to be the catalyst to work with us. Most likely, it’s the despair and shame of a failing or failed relationship to bring a man to us. He realizes that across all the areas of his life, he’s the consistent variable. He needs to change to get what he wants.

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Have your emotions be your Super Powers.

When I choose to work and journey through any arising anger, fear and sadness, I find my voice deepens, my face lightens and my wife tells me that, on my return each week, my body radiates a magnetic presence.

For the first time in my life, I am beginning to honor and love the man I see in the mirror.

David Mabelle Developer

No One Said it Would Be Easy

You wouldn't expect to run a good marathon without training, so how can you expect to create a fulfilling relationship without training?

The training begins with discovering how to use your emotions to connect with others. Then it expands into what you want from your partner, and what she wants from you.

The good news: once you begin to master the art of connection, it will be easy, natural, and FUN.

How to Have Your Emotions Be Your Superpowers

We know that you can succeed. The power of the course is in its design and the work you will do. Before you start the course, we need to do an interview. We want to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

We love supporting men who take on the challenge of developing these skills. We expect mistakes, setbacks, and moments of frustration. We just ask that you let us help you as you stand back up to take on the next task.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: it's not 'how well' you show up, it's how much risk you take. The more you stretch yourself, the more you and those close to you benefit.

Owen's tact, vulnerability, and example were just the recipe to create a space that allowed for caring confrontation and rapid growth. As he pointed out many times, we need other men to hold a mirror up to us if we really expect to make strides in our growth.

Shawn Helvey, MA Counselor, Program Dir.

Power in Small Numbers

One of the keys to developing your Masculine Emotional Intelligence is experiencing it within a group. With the help of other men, you can achieve what you thought impossible. We’ve seen other men do it. Hell, with my Asperger’s Syndrome, dyslexia, and a speech impediment, I never expected to succeed at connecting with others.

The Emotional Superman Course has limited space. We have learned the power a small group of men has. Because the entire group starts at the same time, there is a small window of when you can sign up.

We prefer to take a few men deep into significant and sustainable change than teach many men a new concept. We discovered that when a man gets this; he impacts his world. There is no other place to learn this system or the unique skills included in it.

Owen lead with a steady heart and mind, his sincerity and love is the oil in the engine of growth.

Garret W. Smith Freelance Adventure Photographer

A New Vision

You will see a difference. Your partner is turned on to see you. Your kids run to meet you. You feel validated at work by being acknowledged. These are the types of return on investment you can expect.

Are you still asking how this is possible?

Through a sequence of steps that progress in a natural way that men develop and learn, you will learn how to successfully connect as a man. This process is based on how men really work, not just a theory.

Through weekly private and group support calls, as well as exercises and homework, you get hands on experience that you can apply to YOUR world. It is a unique model adapted for each individual man.

An added bonus: As a student in the Emotional Superman Course you get one free admission to our Two Day Experience within the year of taking the Emotional Superman Course. This training is our small group intensive training we’ve done throughout North America.

Why trust me? My journey took me places I never expected to go and places I didn't see other men going. I always felt the pain we quietly suffer as men. Now I found a way out and I want to share it.

Owen Marcus

Owen is the founder of Men Corps, a nonprofit supporting men in developing their Masculine Emotional Intelligence (MEI) through free men’s groups. He is also the founder of Free to Win, which produces live trainings for men and supports them in starting free men’s groups.

His TEDx talk: What 10,000 Years of Progress Has Cost Men outlines a new model for men and their emotions. Owen’s book: Grow Up: Men’s Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence, which lays out the nine essential phases in a man’s development. His MQ Test measures the five key traits of MEI. He also blogs at www.owenmarcus.com and often is a guest on other blogs and podcasts. He speaks at national conferences on how his new model of MEI gives men tools to succeed emotionally.

His work in somatic-psychotherapy, mindfulness and men’s groups lead him to create a new design for men’s groups when in 2005 he formed the Sandpoint Men’s Group, the focus of the film, About Men.

From men requesting how to apply Owen’s work without attending a live event, Owen created the Emotional Superman Course. The ESC takes the six key principles and skill sets essential for a man to succeed emotionally and puts it online. With the use of the last technology, the course can utilize the power of a group of men to help each man.

The Nitty Gritty

The Emotional Superman Course is not for every man. It’s for the man who is motivated to have the connections he wanted, to have the relationships he wanted, and to be contributing in ways he wanted.

We would love to talk to discover if we can help you get what you want.

In every man is an Emotional Superman. Some men will step through their fears to go for what they want. Your phone booth where you take off your suit to transform into a Superman can be this course.

Go here to put down a refundable deposit. We will set up an interview. If it’s a fit, you are in and will be billed the remaining fees:

When Amount
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Third payment beginning of third month 1500
Total 4975

Join with a buddy and he saves $1,000. Because he's your buddy--he gives you $500. His last payment is $1,000 less. Get several friends to join... save more.

If you wish to pay all it once, there is a discount. You pay $4500.

I hope you join us.

Owen Marcus

Creator of Emotional Superman

P.S. You are worth the investment. So are those you care about. Remember, others were concerned if the course was worth their investment of time and money—they all were more than glad they made the investment.

Join Us! Put down a refundable deposit.

Have your emotions be your Super Powers.

P.S.S. Contact me if you have any questions. Email me: marcus@freetowin.co, call or text me at: 208.557.3101