We realize for men, doing anything that has the word emotions in it is a stretch. Because of that, we collected a series of short videos of men speaking their experience with the Emotional Superman Course. I know when I see others men talking about their involvement in a course, I get a feel if it’s right for me.

Working with Owen Marcus

A Man’s Recommendation of the Emotional Superman Course

How Did the Emotional Superman Course Impact Your Family?

Major Revelations from the Emotional Superman Course

Life before Emotional Superman

What a Man Gains from the Emotional Superman Course

How Did You Decide?

Most Helpful Part of the Emotional Superman Course

Roadblocks to Being an Emotional Superman

On the Fence about Taking the Emotional Superman Course


Would You Recommend the Emotional Superman Course to Others?

Working with Owen One-to-On

What Was Your Life Before Like before the Emotional Superman

Roadblocks after the Emotional Superman Course

Results from the Emotional Superman Course

Major Revelations

Why I Decided to Take the Emotional Superman Course

How Owen Marcus Helped Me

How the Emotional Superman Course Changed My Emotions


For those who like to read, there are a few of us left.:)

Testimonials from the Emotional Superman Course

While facing my wife of 22 years, I began a journey of personal growth.  In so doing I discovered I didn’t much care for the company of men nor did I much care for the presentation most men have to the world.  Too many masks and half-truths.  I became lost as a man. The Emotional Superman course introduced me to men that were openly emotionally and knew how to deal with it.  They showed me I didn’t have to be a womanizer, a gambler or a dick to be a man. I was and am none of those.  I have grown to accept my role as a man and my relationship is improving daily. I have also developed new friends from across the country.

I struggled with accepting my emotions.  What I learned was that my emotions weren’t the problem, they were the solution.  I have changed the way that I relate to my emotions.  Instead of them being a thorn in my side, they are guides on my journey to be an authentic male.  These days, I am paying more attention to my emotional experiences and getting curious about what they are telling me.  I feel less ashamed, and am sharing more of myself with others.  I’ll always be grateful Owen, and Sincerely Yours,

Mark McLaughlin

I stumbled upon the Emotional Superman course and was unsure of how an online men’s group would interact.  For a very long time, I was seeking some type of men’s group and learning about forming a men’s group in Austin.

Owen was very welcoming from the first email and with gentle nudging, I am so grateful for signing up for Emotional Superman.  Throughout the course, I’ve learned a lot about myself, my relationship with my wife and kids have grown stronger and have a better sense of awareness in life around me.

I believe my wife and I have grown closer and I’ve met several men that I would consider friends after going through this course together.  This course is something that I can refer to and use to strengthen me over and over again.

If you’re on the fence about signing up for this course, take the chance and dive deep into Emotional Superman.

Jack W., Austin, TX

My whole life, I’ve had challenges with being seen. I feared being disliked or unaccepted or disapproved of and being invisible, hiding and avoiding were my coping mechanisms of choice.  I played life small & lived a life of fear & safety.  I didn’t confront this lifelong issue until taking Owen’s course.

Thru this course, I learned that I don’t have to be anything other than myself – I don’t have to be a nice guy, I don’t have to live up to anyone else’s expectations, I don’t need to be afraid of disappointing anyone, I can be who I am.  I learned that I can feel my fear and still take action at the same time – so long as I allow myself to do so.  Being aware of my feelings means I can share them with others and allow myself to be vulnerable if I choose to do so.

By leaning into my fear, acknowledging it, honoring it, thinking it & still taking action regularly, I’m able to build my confidence and live my life with less fear & anxiety — which has made my life much fuller than its ever been because I’m living my life according to my Truth.   The fear is still there, but it has less control, and as a result, I’m inclined to be my authentic self, I’m open & honest, and that has had a positive effect on my relationships.  I’ve been able to talk about things that I’ve never felt comfortable discussing & that’s incredibly freeing.  I no longer hide behind text messages and am apt to call people which results in fuller, richer, more intimate & authentic connections.

I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to take this course.  I’ve learned about myself & about life & I’ve gained incredibly strong friendships & found masculine support for the fulfilling life that I’m creating.


Before joining the Emotional Superman course, I struggled with connecting emotionally with others. I was stuck in a pattern of seeking validation from people who were also emotionally disconnected. As the course progressed, I was able to allow myself to feel the emotion in my body. It was amazing to have that emotional connection between what I was feeling and my body. I also came to realize what I was seeking in romantic relationships. Once I became aware of this, I have become disinterested in the women I use to be attracted to. Although this emotion and connection still brings up a lot of fear for me, this course has helped me become more aware of my body and emotions.


In the past 6 months, one of my daughters has had health problems including sleep apnea, which prevented me from getting enough rest.  The other daughter has been having challenges sleeping.  In this time, I have been working hard on growing as a man.  Participating in Owen Marcus’ Emotional Superman Course provided me with the structure and support to continue to push on to work on achieving my goals.  While I have not achieved these goals, I have learned to be kinder and gentler with myself, to connect with my body and how it is feeling, and to connect and improve my relationship with my wife even as she pushed through struggles of her own.

Ben Redmond, School Counselor, 38

A Facebook message to Owen 9 months after the course:

I was thinking last night just about how great this year has been for me. Much of it started with your class, and meeting the men there, forgiving friendships, and working on myself. I’ve met so man wonderful men and people in general actually. Life seems so much more accepting and richer than I ever thought possible.


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